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- Delivery potentially late 2023 (its a specially conceived kit and still in development, the ready to run version is available on demand)
- You are granted the next in line slot with this purchase
- At any point you are free to cancel your order and I will refund the total amount you paid

This kit contains everything needed: preassembled remote control, parts, tools and case.

The car corresponds to an early Austin Cooper in scale 1:18 (18cm length).

The car can be driven accurately with state of the art remote control electronics and servo. It takes obstacles thanks to its rear swing axle.
The front two wheels are driven by one motor each and are capable to perform backwards driven donuts. To slide through narrow curves going forward, the rear wheels can remotely be blocked using an electromagnetic break.

All wooden parts are Swiss made from Swiss wood (exception: plywood is European).

The kit is made to order. You can follow its manufacturing on the Instagram account @swissdriftr.

Note on pricing: manufacturing takes more than 80h work which could typically cost 5600€ or more in Switzerland.

Please note: your country's customs can charge you up to typically 30€

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