Here you can download stl files.

They correspond to parts of a 1:18 scale RC car. The download and use of the files is free. Please cite at least one of the following resources when and where it makes sense. It would really mean a lot to me, thanks, yours Reto.

- (webpage)
u/swissdriftr (reddit)
- r/opendriftr (reddit)

@opendriftr (instagram)

- @swissdriftr (instagram)

- swissdriftr (youtube)


Above the first parts. Others will follow. They are deduced from the driftr 550, however the main body part will look different - not sure how already :-)

V1ad 22.6.22
Main body rough initial concept (not suitable for 3d printing)

V1ac 23.10.21
Rear axis 5.2mm wider (same wheel base as front)

V1ab 22.10.21
Wheels without texture

V1aa 20.10.21
Initial release