classic wooden scale car to win
contribute to its collaborative making

  1. Choose one of the items further below and order it (contact me if your country is not listed)
  2. You receive a tool, two identical wooden parts and instructions
  3. Let your fingers dance (4 small tabs need to be removed from the parts)  
  4. You are in charge of the shipment back and you have to pay for it
  5. Send everything back, except one of the two identical parts. You keep it as a souvenir of your finger dance.
  6. I will integrate your part together with other parts being returned into a 1:12 scale wooden car (not a remote controlled one)
  7. Among those who participated, one is drawn to receive the finished car for free (important: you dont enter the draw if your parts have not returned to me)

music concert 

(several musicians playing instruments)

wood concert 

(several participants sanding wooden parts)


all participants

concert hall

kitchen table


some blurry mental sensation of every participant




Franco Scaglione 1967


concept and design

pencil sharpener



wooden tool-book (shipping to you)

tone (changing sound waves by brushing strings)

form (changing geometry by sanding wood)



time-wise (1) and space-wise (2) endlessness during the concert     

(probably no correlation)

music (3)

(probably no correlation)

(1) fin dans le commencement (2) re-action to other musicians music (3) la musique c'est toi, not have any idea what is all about, we do not create just express what is already there

Why would you give away something and loose money on it? Thats not happening, it must be a scam.

    It's true I am not making money on this. But it's not at all supposed to be a scam. I am trying to work on something regarding how we interact with technology and how we experience life in general (
  • giving away a wooden artisan car object, attempts to deny its value from a materialistic point of view
  • involving several individuals in the making attempts to include a constructive and positive emotional aspect
  • an important amount of effort for working on a simple and very small task (in case of the parts being worked on by participants) attempts to highlight the value of HOW one experiences (in contrast to WHAT is experienced)
Spending this money is helping me understand, I hope. More importantly, I hope interacting with your wooden part and this project represents a positive experience for you.

What do I pay and what do I get?

    You pay the product you choose, starting at 1€ (you have a free choice to pay more if you prefer). Then you get a parcel with two parts and tools. You perform some work on the two parts. You keep one of both (typically 4cm x 4cm x 0.8 cm). The rest you need to pack back into the parcel. Then you need to check with your post office, pay for the shipment and send the parcel back to me (Reto Nardini, Kastelsstrasse 18, CH-2540 Grenchen, Switzerland). Then, if you get drawn from all who participated (at maximum 30 individuals), you get a finished 30cm long wooden alfa romeo 33 stradale with your part built in (note that your odds to win are quite good given there are only 30 participants).

When do I get what?

    The parcel with the tools and parts you get 1 to 4 weeks after placing the order. Ordering will only be possible once the parts are ready (maybe some parts are labeled "sold out" because they are not available yet). In case you win, you get the wooden scale car between September and December 2024 (in case the wooden scale car gets lost during shipping, I cannot replace it). It takes a lot of time because first I need to build it (a process you can follow on my youtube and instagram pages).

Why cant I order?

    Ordering is only possible once the parts are ready. Maybe some parts are labeled "sold out" because they are not available yet. Maybe some or all parts are actually sold out. In this case, no more ordering is possible.

Can I order more than one? This would double my chances for the draw.

    No, you can't. Thats not the idea here. Only your first order counts. I will delete additional orders.


Below some impressions of the current development. Note below is the car serial 233301 shown, which contains the remote control system. The one being drawn by the end of the year is serial number 243301 and will not be equipped with the remote control system.