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Part number 247127 will go into the wooden 1:12 scale alfa romeo 33 stradale serial 243301 (see concert). It is CNC machined from local swiss beech wood. It is located in the front of the chassis and holds the bearing for the steering axis.

You are free to choose your price above. In any case for you nothing changes (same parcel, same content, same draw). With a higher amount, you just help me cover my expenses.

Only one part per person (your first order is valid, additional orders are deleted).

If your return shipment arrives, you will enter the draw for the 1:12 scale wooden car serial 243301 (wooden car only, no motors, no electronics, no remote control). If you win, but the car is lost during shipping, you can ask your payment back (but you will not receive a wooden car). The draw is done by the end of 2024 (once the car is finished).

You get: 2 wooden parts, tools, instruction sheet

You can keep: 1 wooden part, instruction sheet

You must ship back: 1 wooden part, tools

Part dimensions: 28 mm x 31.5 mm x 8 mm

Parcel dimensions: 30 mm x 160 mm x 230 mm