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Please note: made to order, ships within up to 90 days

Ready to run wooden RC car.
The body is made from Swiss maple wood (or as available).

The car corresponds to a Austin Mini Cooper 1960's in scale 1:18 (18cm length).
It is delivered in a wooden box.

The car can be driven accurately with state of the art remote control electronics and servo. It takes obstacles thanks its rear swing axle. Front wheels are motorised and the rear wheels can be braked. Said allows for elegant backwards and forward slides.
A fix installed LiPoFe battery can be charged using the included USB charger

Allmost all parts are Swiss made from Swiss wood.

The car is made to order. You can follow its manufacturing on the Instagram account @swissdriftr.

You can return it within 24 months at a full refund.

Note on pricing: Manufacturing includes more than 15h work which could typically cost 1000€ or more in Switzerland. Parts and material are 200€. Cnc machining time is 10h, where one machine costs 15 000€.

Please note: your country's customs can charge you up to typically 30€ 

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