hard wood options


wood type
Note: this is not a product you can order, it is an option if you order a driftr kit (RtR versions already include the hardwood option)

Choose a hard wood type for your driftr main body part(s). Other visible parts parts are made from available hard wood as well, not necessarily the same type. All other remaining car parts are standard beech wood and the remote control body is standard fir.

All hardwood options are sanded and finished with bee-wax and linseed oil (https://www.kirjes.se/downloads/PolishSystemGB.pdf)

Note regarding the illustration: one half of every sample is treated with bee wax/ linseed oil (default gently glossy finish), the other half is untreated

Note on price: hard woods are more expensive to acquire and additional manual work is required to prepare the blanks from the raw material. 

All wood types are from local Swiss sources.