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Note: manufacturing during and shipping by the end of the month you choose (follow up delivery typically takes two weeks for Europe)

Experience material, form, emotion, reason ... Of course you don't need this kit to do so, but hopefully it can assist a little.

A 1:43 scale miniature wooden diy kit. Shipping included.

Almost all parts are Swiss made from Swiss wood.

The kit is made to order. You can follow its manufacturing on the Instagram account @swissdriftr.

Note on pricing: manufacturing includes approximately 6h work which could typically cost 400€ or more in Switzerland. Parts, material and shipping are approximately 60€. CNC machining time is 7h, where one machine costs 15 000€. 6 items per year are offered for a reduced price of 115€ instead of 285€  - because I prefer giving them instead of not to :-) Otherwise the reduced ones are identical to the ones for 285€.

You can return your purchase within 2 years and get reimbursed the amount you paid.

Please note: your country's customs can charge you up to typically 30€

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